Sunday Morning

Sunday morning is a great way to help your family grow in their faith and learn about God in the context of building relationships and friendships with teachers and peers.

On-Campus Classes (9:15am - 10:15am)

Fall classes start September 16, 2018

Nursery (Ages 0-3)
    Let our caregivers look after your little ones so you can make time for your own growth.
    The nursery is staffed by Child Development Center teachers and church volunteers.
    Location: The Toddler classroom - the 3rd room on the left down the classrooms hall.
    Caregivers : Courtni Holst, Susan Dickinson, Rita Hoffman & Cristina Gosselin

DIG IN (Pre-K through 3rd Grade)
    Each week your child will Dig In to new adventures, sing songs, get active, and take a walk with Jesus.
    Your child will learn how to be bold, brave, and unafraid to share the love of Jesus.
    Location: The School-age Classroom - the 1st Room on right down the classrooms hall.
    Teachers: Ann Dennis, Kim Brown, Patti Grulke  & Lee Ann Fosdick

DIG IN (4th through 6th Grade)
    Students will worship, read their Bibles together, and interact with activities and discussion.
    Location: Drop off in 1st Room on right (with Pre-K - 3rd). Pick up in 2nd Room on right.
    Teachers: Sarah Jean Meyer & Kristin Lewis

Jr. High Study (7th - 8th Grade)
    Students will learn the basics of the Christian faith. These studies also prepare students who are seeking Confirmation.
    Topics include: Old & New Testament, God's Law, the Gospel, Prayer, Baptism & Communion.
    Location: The Youth Barn - across the parking lot from the church entrance.

Youth Study (Sr. High)
    Our high school class looks at today's pressing topics for teens and how the Bible speaks to them.
    Topics include: Technology, friendship, relationships, parents, and more.
    Location: The Youth Barn - across the parking lot from the church entrance.
    Teachers: Kevin Holst, Erin Clark &  Lori Holland

Parents, don't forget the adult study in the Worship Center.