The Word Became Flesh

Advent 2018


John 1:1–18 introduces one of the Bible’s greatest and grandest books—the Gospel of John. These eighteen verses contain some of the most important words written—ever. They explode with light and brilliance, truth and grace. And John 1:1–18 is chock full of dearly loved Advent and Christmas themes, with the most famous one being, “The Word became flesh.” (John 1:14). That’s the focus of this series of sermons on John 1:1–18.

December 2          You Have My Word
John 1:1-5

December 5 Advent Midweek Worship
Wednesday 6:30pm

December 9          Chosen Children
John 1:12b

December 16       Catch the Christmas Spirit
featuring the Children’s Christmas Play

December 23       The Word Dwelt Among Us
                                       John 1:14a

December 24       Christmas Eve Candlelight Services
 Monday                    6:30pm & 9:00pm

December 30       Start the Year with Jesus
John 15:1-6