The Blessed Life
The Sermon On The Mount  |  Matthew 5-6

If Jesus was speaking in your town this weekend, would you go?  Would you make sure your family could go, too?  Would you invite your friends? 

In the sermon on the mount we get to listen to Jesus' own words.  We hear Jesus' vision for an upside down kingdom that is changing the world from the inside out.

September 17     The Blessed Life  |  Matthew 5:1-12

September 24     Salt & Light  |  Matthew 5:13-16

October 1               Raise the Bar  |  Matthew 5:17-37

October 8               The Second Mile  |  Matthew 5:38-48

October 15              The Hidden Life  |  Matthew 6:1-18

October 22            Lasting Treasure  |  Matthew 6:19-34