No Limits

We like to believe we can live without limits. We think we can do it all. We think we can fit it all in. We assume limits are for losers.

We like to say yes. But God’s Word tells us there are some areas where we need to say no.

During Lent, we will learn the freedom that comes from learning the word “No” and how that word can help us place appropriate and God-honoring limits on our lives.

March 10          The No-Limits Life
Saying yes to your limits

March 17 No Limits Work
                                   Saying yes to Sabbath and rest

March 24          No Limits Money
Saying yes to contentment

March 31        No Limits Desire
Saying yes to self-control

April 7        No Limits Relationships
                                   Saying yes to healthy boundaries

April 14        No Limits Technology
                                   Saying yes to being present