Born into Battle
A Tactical Guide to Spiritual Warfare

Have you ever felt like you’re under attack? 

Do temptation, doubt, or fear seem to rise up from nowhere, threatening to thwart God’s work and God’s will in your life? 

God’s Word tells us there is an invisible war raging (Ephesians 6:10-20). Most of us stumble through our days completely unaware of this spiritual reality, so we end up woefully unprepared for the battles we face.

The King of Kings stands ready to equip you and arm you for the battle so you can withstand the attacks in his strength and share in his victory.

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February 18        Born into Battle
The Reality of Spiritual Warfare

February 25        Know Your Enemy
                                    Reconnaissance on the Devil and His Tactics

March 4                  Hold Your Ground
How to Stand Firm in What God Has Gained

March 11               Under Attack
How to Repel the Fiery Arrows

March 18               Armed for Battle
How to Sharpen the Sword of the Spirit

March 25               Strategic Prayer
                                    How to Destroy Enemy Strongholds