One Week to Live
Lent 2017

What would you do if you knew you only had one week to live?

I imagine you would want to make the most of your time.  You wouldn’t want to waste a single minute.

This year, as we move toward Good Friday and Easter, we take a closer look at how Jesus spent his final week on his way to the cross.  While we examine Jesus’ life, we will also examine our own lives and consider how we use the time we are given.

March 1                   Clear out the Clutter  |  Ash Wednesday  |  Matthew 21:12-17

March 5                   Plan Your Last Meal   |  Matthew 26:17-30

March 12                Pray, Pray, and Pray  |  Matthew 26:36-46

March 19                Keep Your Friends Close  |  Matthew 26:47-56

March 26                Live with No Regrets  |  Matthew 26:69-75

April 2                       If You Could Trade Places  |  Matthew 27:11-26

April 9                       Hail the King!  |  Palm Sunday  |  Matthew 27:27-31

April 13                    Around the Table  |  Maundy Thursday  |  6:00pm meal & worship

April 14                    Hour of Darkness  |  Good Friday  |  6:30pm worship

April 16                    Easter Sunday  |  7:30am & 10:30am worship  
                                      9:00am breakfast  |  10:00am Family Easter Hunt