Growth & Boundaries


Growth & Boundaries


Starts Jan 14
4 weeks

Do you want to make changes in your life and in your relationships but not sure where to start? Life change is important, and we all want to grow to be more complete, fulfilled people. In this session, we’re talking about how to make change happen, how to create healthy boundaries, how to heal from past pain, and how to face life’s difficulties with resilience.

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In this session, we’ll be hearing from Dr. Henry Cloud, a clinical psychologist and bestselling author of Boundaries and Changes That Heal. If you have ever wanted to change for the better or help another person in your life through difficulty, this session will help you find a path forward to a fuller and healthier life.

Discover the best ways to approach personal and spiritual growth.

Learn why its so important to have community to help you grow.

Find out why it’s often so hard to be vulnerable with others, even people you love.

Learn how to set boundaries for yourself in your work and in your relationships.

Find out how to take painful experiences and use them to help you grow.

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