Sunday Morning

Sunday morning is a great way to help your family grow in their faith and learn about God in the context of building relationships and friendships with teachers and peers.

On-Campus Classes (9:15am - 10:15am)

Winter classes start January 6, 2019

Nursery (Ages 0-3)
    Let our caregivers look after your little ones so you can make time for your own growth.
    The nursery is staffed by Child Development Center teachers and church volunteers.
    Location: The Toddler classroom - the 3rd room on the left down the classrooms hall.
    Caregivers : Courtni Holst, Susan Dickinson, Rita Hoffman & Cristina Gosselin

DIG IN (Pre-K through 3rd Grade)
    Each week your child will Dig In to new adventures, sing songs, get active, and take a walk with Jesus.
    Your child will learn how to be bold, brave, and unafraid to share the love of Jesus.
    Location: The School-age Classroom - the 1st Room on right down the classrooms hall.
    Teachers: Ann Dennis, Kim Brown, Patti Grulke  & Lee Ann Fosdick

DIG IN (4th through 6th Grade)
    Students will worship, read their Bibles together, and interact with activities and discussion.
    Location: Drop off in 1st Room on right (with Pre-K - 3rd). Pick up in 2nd Room on right.
    Teachers: Sarah Jean Meyer & Nichelle Parker

Jr. High Study (7th - 8th Grade)
    Students will learn the basics of the Christian faith. These studies also prepare students who are seeking Confirmation.
    Topics include: Old & New Testament, God's Law, the Gospel, Prayer, Baptism & Communion.
    Location: 2nd Room on the left down the classrooms hall.
Teachers: Conner Forbes & Pastor John Hile

For high school students and parents, we have an adult study in the Worship Center.